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Hi everyone,
This is Valentina and Claudia.

We are two close friends and both guides of Florence and Livorno. We do believe that traveling and meeting new people and new places is the best way to enrich our knowledge, that’s why we decided to become local guides of our beautiful region: Tuscany.

We’ve been dealing with tourism since 1998 so we have a long experience with this but we do not give anything for granted and we are still feeling like students, very open to get in practice new ideas, project and practice with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

Our main stream of inspiration are our children: we are both mothers of a boy and a girl each and all of them, even from different years, perfectly know how much important our job is for us that’s why we always involve them in all our attic working experiences.

Inspiration, experience, motivation, professionalism but, most importantly, the love for our beautiful region are all the essential ingredients of our successful recipe. All of them together are the reason why you should decide to choose us as your local guides, nevertheless we can provide the right keys to open hidden doors and reveal unknown treasures in Florence, Pisa, Lucca and in the rest of Tuscan cities in order to turn your simple interest for a town into a deep love for our land.

We can offer a wide range of experiences but we can also create your tailor made tour according to your request.

What are you waiting for?? Send us an email and give you the chance to fall in love with Tuscany.